NitroPlus – Chäos;HEAd

Just recently Nitro+ (NitroPlus) released a new game called Chäos;HEAd. I’m guessing most otome gamers wouldn’t have heard of this company… and that’s normal, since they usually make hentai (18+) games. Personally I’m a fan of Nitro+ (despite having only played 2 of their games…). Unlike most games in the genre, Nitro+ games has a certain… non-hentai elements to them. As in, they don’t focus on the 18+ parts of the storyline, and instead focus on the other storyline. And unlike most hentai games where you can’t proceed for 30 minutes without encountering an 18+ scene, in Nitro+ games the 18+ scenes is scarcely there… it’s there alright to warrant it an 18+ rating, but compared to the length of the storyline it’s barely there…

Anyway. I didn’t think I’d ever review Nitro+ games here since this blog is really for otome games, and I don’t know how people to react to 18+ stories. However, before Chäos;HEAd was released, I read that it’s rated 15+… which meant there’s no 18+ scenes. And I thought, why not? It’s not 18+ which meant it wouldn’t gross out anyone, and it’s a good chance to introduce the sort of stories Nitro+ made. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of dark/twisted/convoluted storylines with murders in it, and Chäos;HEAd seemed like it’s going to deliver plenty.

Before this game was released I was excited to see what it would be about, not just because I’m a fan of the company. After all, the tagline was something that’s really to my taste (sans the Engrish):

If you are God, and the delusion becomes reality.
About what kind of the noids you get?
Is it the sensual world? The despotic society?
The destructive sanctions?

I thought to myself; this game looked like it’s going to kick ass. What other game company would post a character profile looking like that picture to the right? She’s the main heroine too.

I used translation tools to translate the story’s blurb, and I thought this game sounded like it’s going to be awesome. Bear in mind that I used translation tools, so translation won’t be the best…

My name is Nishijou Takumi. I think.
I can’t see the “gaze”. It’s a strange story, not being able to see despite being seen.
Several times, out of nowhere, I felt the “gaze” on me. When I turned around, there was no one. However, I could tell without a doubt that someone was watching me. There was a tingle along my spine. Was I simply too self-conscious? Or was it morbid fear? Even school children seriously thought that “god who watches you surely exists”. Literature that was written in the previous era had this as its theme. I still remember its title well. “Those eyes, whose eyes?” (That gaze, whose…?)
—don’t look at me.

Takumi was socially withdrawn, and he chose to stay indoor whenever he could, surrounded by figurines he collected. He avoided social contacts, and preferred the 2D world compared to the 3D world.
“Newgene Frenzy” had been occuring, and every media, TV and internet was filled with news about the bizarre murders. One day a person who introduced himself as Shogun showed up in the chatroom and started chatting to Takumi. Shogun started giving Takumi links containing grotesque images, which he said was a prophecy to the next Newgene Frenzy. He also added a prophecy about how the murder would be carried out… and the next day when Takumi happened to be at the new murder site, he realised that all the prophecies Shogun had said had come true. The shadow of this event had forever stolen Takumi’s peaceful days until now…

Plus I saw the opening video, and saw this picture… and I thought,
cool-looking girl wielding an awesome-looking sword? Count me in. …catchy opening song too.

…it almost goes without saying that if you can’t stand grotesque imageries you should stay away from this game. Among the Newgene Frenzy murders there was one where the victim was nailed to the wall. Literally. The killer used one of those nail-shooting devices. Yeah, and it’s one of the milder ones. Thankfully there are only around 6 Newgene Frenzy in total… You can see a glimpse of the nailed guy in the opening movie.

This post is more or less a preview of the game… in my next post, I’ll explain why I actually won’t play the game… -__-


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