Crimson Empire – Characters Intro

Brief character introductions of Quinrose’ newest game, Crimson Empire (released… sometime in the future…). Intro is taken from the characters page, and translated with the help of translation tools. As such, the translation won’t be the best…

  • Sheila Rozann: Main character. Maid to the second prince. Being a commoner who was suddenly assigned a high position, she’s a target of envy of her peers. Sworn her loyalty to Edvard who saved her from the fate of being a slave. Even though her title was a maid, she was a capable bodyguard with leadership capability and knowledge of politics, coupled with good combat skills.
  • Edvard Winfree: The second prince to whom the main character sworn her loyalty. Even though from the outside he looked very prince-ly, his character was the worst as he looked down on everyone. He had good social skills however, which lead people to think he’s prince-ly on the outside and the inside. He’s generous to his vassals, although he’s without mercy to hostile people. He thought of the main heroine as more than just a maid, and is more fond of her then he is of his family (…that’s what he said anyway).
  • Justin Roberuttey: The first prince. Older half-brother of Edvard. Due to his mother’s inferior position, he had less claim to the throne than Edvard. Very hostile towards Edvard, even if they still shared the same blood. His attempts to assassinate Edvard had been thwarted by the main heroine several times. Wondered what he could do to the main heroine, who’s been a nuisance.
  • Marshall Aid: A steward, on bad terms with the main heroine. In contrast, he swore his loyalty to Justin. Although unfriendly when meeting the heroine in public places, he didn’t hate the heroine. He’d only become hostile when work is involved. Outside of work, his relationship with others is alright.
  • Bryon Capella: Son of a marquis, a man who would be the country’s leader in the future. A man with light disposition who couldn’t read what’s in other people’s mind. Understood the reason behind Lilley’s decision to become Edvard’s maid. Influenced by his younger sister, he did not think foolishly of people who declared to be a fan of the main heroine.
  • Rambures Dannunzio: Knight. A commoner who managed to get his title when he saved the previous king from an assassin. Liked to isolate himself away from aristocratic social events, and liked to concoct strange medicines. The ensuing strange smell and explosion was a daily occurence… Had a very good relationship with the main heroine.
  • Varchia Ganasch: Maid, the main heroine’s best friend. Both her speech and behaviour were neutral. Like the main heroine, she had been a slave; both her feet were cut when she was still a slave to prevent her from escaping. She supported the main heroine in public and private matters, and her trust was unquestionable.
  • Lilley Capella: Maid, the main heroine’s fan who respected her devotedly. A brave, yet somehow unusual kind of love. A genius aristocrat who’s fast to absorb and learn everything, with the strength to follow the main heroine. Very excited to be able to start as a maid under the main heroine, even though the main heroine’s position was high. Had a good relationship with her older brother, Bryon.
  • Hauranne Balzola: A guest at the castle. He stayed for a long time in a good quarter of the castle, receiving guest treatment. Lead a free and lazy life. Always appeared and disappeared suddenly. Because he’s a wizard, his face did not show his true age. However, he seemed to be related to Meissen…
  • Ronalus Eckert: A guest at the castle. An attendant who served the queen of Luxone. On bad terms with the main heroine. For the sake of his queen he maintained a good relationship with attendants and colleagues. Maintained a neutral standpoint, and treated both the main heroine and Marshall equally. Watched over Meissen.
  • Meissen Hildegarde: A wanderer who explored around. Even though his speech and behaviour didn’t show it, he’s actually a very strong wizard. He sought for the truth of the world and the ultimate wisdom (…or at least that’s the reason he gave out for wandering around). A positive older brother-like figure. This time, he decided to stop by at Luxone. As usual, he ran his money-lender business again. Came to know the main heroine together with Michael.
  • Michael Faust: A real demon who’s bound to Meissen with a contract. Even thought he’s shaped like an elder god, his personality was definitely not of one. Bound by contract and followed Meissen everywhere. He had a strong gaze, often talked to himself, and was constantly nervous and gloomy. Mentally unstable. He’d listen to Meissen, but occasionally would refuse to listen. A negative demon.

Also, the official screenshots page is open.

If there’s anything that needed correction please let me know…


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