Arabians Lost – Endings Guide

A continuation from yesterday’s post… I just picked up my copy of Arabians Lost Visual Fanbook yesterday morning, and I think some things inside it will be of interest to people who play the game.

Apart from events, walkthrough, character profiles and short B&W manga for each pairing, the book also list all the possible endings for each character… and I was surprised to discover that some characters had endings which others didn’t have. This post will simply be a guideline on how to get those endings. Keep in mind, however, that some of these endings will only be available on PS2. The book doesn’t really tell you immediately which endings are PS2-only, so if anyone can give any confirmation it’d be awesome… alternatively I guess I just have to keep on playing the PC version to check.

There are several different ending type for each of the 6 main guys, and they are as follow (I made up the names):

  • Royal End: Affection above 100, money above requirement. Aileen and her guy became the new ruler.
  • Elope End: Called such because I think basically Aileen and the guy eloped… affection above 100, money below requirement.
  • Merchant End: Affection between 75-99, money above requirement.
  • Adventurer End: Affection between 75-99, money below requirement, Aileen is at level 5.
Royal End Elope End Merchant End Adventurer End
Curtis Nile o o o o
Stuart Sink o o o
Tyrone Bale o o o
Shark Brandon o o o
Roberto Cromwell o o o
Lille Sluman o o

It’s a bit obvious who the canon pairing is, from the number of available endings for him… If I didn’t mis-translate, in the PS2 Lille has another ending where Aileen became an empress.

Apart from the 6 main guys, Meissen – Michael has their own ending (2 endings), but their requirements are different… will not list the requirements here since they’re not one of the main guys.

The other available endings are:

  • Bad End: Money below requirement and affection below 100.
  • Normal End: Money above requirement and affection below 100.
  • Adventurer End: Money below requirement, affection below 100, Aileen is at level 5.
  • Yuu End
  • Cejka & Almeida End

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Liddell
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 13:35:56

    Having finished the PC version of the game, I can confirm that you have Royal and Elope ends for all 5 first guys, a Royal end with Lille, 2 Money Lender ends (one with debt toward Meissen, one ‘Elope’ end), Cejka and Almeida end and bad end. The Merchant and Adventurer ends are Aileen only endings and I guess the chart mean she can end up with those endings if you get the money requirement but not the affection one?

    Never had the normal end or the Yuu one, so maybe those are PS2 ones. I’m also surprised to hear there’s an ending where Aileen elopes with Lille. ;__; I wanted to get an ending like that and ended up with the adventurer ending.


    • sharakael
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 21:15:48

      Thanks for the confirmation! Looking at the chart again, I think the Merchant and Adventurer end with the guys are for PS2… and Lille’s Elope ending might be in PS2 as well.

      I think I got the normal end the first time I played the game, although I can’t remember anymore how I did it…


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