Duel Love

Finished the game once, started a second playthrough and stopped halfway… and just never regained the vigour to finish it. It’s filled with interesting mini-games, yes, but apart from that…

Seems like main character was a transfer student. First day of class, she was introduced to and got along with the customary good/best girl friend, walked around the school and got introduced to other characters, walked around the town and got introduced to the rest… and then (I’m not sure why; was she told to return at night…?), at night she returned to her new school to find it buzzing with life. Joining the other students, she found something that was basically a ‘fight club’ in the school, where pants-less pretty boys students fought each other in the ring smeared with Jell-O.

The match turned out to be her classmate’s, the sullen-looking black-haired boy (Jin). During the match she noticed that he seemed to be sustaining injury, and so went to look for him once the match was over. On the way she met the school’s doctor, who was also on his way to see Jin, but who changed his mind and went off somewhere, so the main character went to see Jin on her own. After a bit of objection from Jin, she was allowed to tend to his injuries. Thus you’ll have your first taste of the mini-games in the Duel Love… you have to disinfect/clean his wounds and slap a band aid over it.

Game play is quite easy. During the day, at school, you can choose a location to go to, and hopefully you’ll get to see the right boy at the selected location. It’s not difficult; just save and load so you can be assured that you’ll pick the correct location. Afterwards you might have to pick an answer to his question; if you pick the correct answer you’ll increase his love rating. Again, not difficult. Just save and load before and after to check the status page for his love rating. If his love rating increases, you know you’ve picked the correct answer. Also, the boys won’t be available all the time. If you can’t find your target boy at any of the location, just pick any character and pick the wrong answer for that character to avoid increasing his love rating.

The game is divided into chapters, and at the end of each chapter there will be a match for your targeted boy. He will have a match, and you’ll be there for him afterwards to tend to his injuries, lick wipe the sweat off his body, etc. I think, in the second or third chapter, the storyline will branch and the path/storyline will be exclusively of the targeted boy’s.

For my first playthrough I picked Nagao Shinichirou(CV: Yusa Kouji), the boy with glasses because pretty boys with glasses are TEH BEST EVAR. He’s in the 2nd year like the main character, but he’s from the class next door (maybe). Probably because he spent all his time in the library, his conversational skill seemed… poor, to put it simply. He seemed unable to express himself, always looking calm and collected… did I tell you that he always visited some kittens in the park because he’s not allowed to keep pets? Anyways. Somewhere in the storyline there was something about him joining the ‘fight club’ because he wanted to prove himself to his dad and brother or something similar. …yea, can’t remember much. Can’t say the storyline’s memorable, really…

The mini-games you get to play are:

  • Tend to injuries: clean their wound; if you hold the thingie against their skin for too long it will bruise them and make them unhappy. Slap band-aid last.
  • Blow some steam: pretty boy in the shower… what else to do but to blow the steam off so you can have a peek? (it’s time to put your lungs’ capacity to the test)
  • Wipe that… : Wipe the sweaty boys clean with a towel. Literally.
  • Run, ride, run: Tap your DS screen to gain speed on your bicycle while pretty boy runs beside you. Try to stay at the same pace with him.
  • Massage: arrows will pop up everywhere on the screen. Run your stylus along the direction of the arrows as fast as you can.
  • Embarass myself: pretty boy will be in a pitch, and it’s your task as his partner to cheer him. Don’t shout encouragements in one long syllable, the gauge won’t really raise. Just pick a random word and shout it into the mic repeatedly. Gauge will raise faster. This mini-game, thankfully, only happens in the last 2-3 chapters.

There are 2 endings, which fortunately didn’t require you to play the game all over again. To get Lovers ending, pretty boy needs to win against the King. For the Friends ending, he needs to lose… just don’t give him the encouragement shouts during the fight against the King.

Once you finished all the guys you’ll apparently unlock the King (the defending champion) and can go down his path. Although somewhere on the net I read that he only had 1 mini-game, if not mistaken…

Verdict? Fun mini-games, yes, but nothing much besides that. Not something I’d personally collect, to be honest…


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