Vitamin X Evolution – Kusanagi Hajime

Hajime, I guess, fills the “I’m a bad/violent boy” stereotype within Vitamin X Evolution. All things considered though, I’ll take him any day compared to Kiyoharu.

Let’s see… compared to the rest of B6, Hajime seemed to be the most ‘normal’. …that is, until someone or something ticked him off and he started the bad boy attitude, complete with the flicking of knife etc. His story goes… 2 or 3 years back, Hajime was in the soccer club together with his best friend (the black haired guy who always clashed with Hajime in the game, you’ll know which one when you see him). Something happened then… not quite sure what (anyone tell me please?). The best friend was the one at fault, but he blamed Hajime. The victim(?), for reasons I don’t understand, didn’t dare to say the truth and just went along with the ploy. So then all of the soccer club boys thought Hajime was the one at fault, etc, Hajime quit the soccer club, everyone (apart from B6) thinks he’s a bad boy, etc. This lead to our tragic boy not trusting anyone anymore, not after his best friend for 10 years betrayed him etc.

Now all of this changed slowly after the main character came (awwww). She continuously trusted in Hajime, all the while snooping around trying to figure out what actually happened to Hajime since it all happened before she became his teacher. Everyone she asked about it never bothered to tell her directly (except for Ootori-sensei). In the end she confronted the ex-best friend, who then confessed how much he hated Hajime for always being ahead of him. When things started looking nasty, Hajime came to the rescue, admitting that he had been listening to the conversation all along. As the ex-best friend taunted him, Hajime said that it didn’t matter anymore. Later on he said to the teacher that at least now he knew the ex-best friend’s reason for doing what he did, but that Hajime didn’t care anymore because he had found new friends (awww). Things got better later on, when soccer club boys harassed Hajime for what he ‘did’… and the victim finally couldn’t take it anymore and confessed that it was never Hajime’s fault, but the ex-best friend’s fault. Things started getting better then, with the guy who harassed Hajime sending apology messages continuously to Hajime’s mobile phone (Hajime: “Enough with the messages! Is he a stalker?!”)

Hajime’s route is interesting, because you get to see his change of heart throughout the game. In the early chapters, whenever someone taunted or provoked Hajime, he’d just flip and bring out his knife etc. But nearing the end, when the soccer club guy provoked him, Hajime didn’t do anything and only said to the main character, “Let’s go.”. Near the ending, he also confessed about how he wanted to try soccer again, whereas previously he turned violent when the main character asked him if he was interested in soccer.

…Hajime’s route has one character who was just damned annoying. Apparently Hajime has a 1 person stalker groupie who’s just damned devoted to everything Hajime. Sakashita is a kouhai who, in his words, knew everything about Hajime best. When Hajime quit the soccer club, Sakashita quit too. The moment someone provoked Hajime and Hajime took out his knife, Sakashita would cheer on the would-be-ensuing fight. Throughout the game, Sakashita grew to despise the main character… example… when school’s chime had rung to signify the start of lessons, the main character told Sakashita to return to his classroom. Sakashita only responded by calling the main character an idiot. …when Hajime told him to return to his class, he obliged happily, saying about how kind Hajime was. …umm, hello? Closet case, anyone? But, anyway. he showed up often in the early chapters, less in the later chapters, and once in the final chapter to deliver the climax of the game. Don’t read the next paragraph if you don’t want to get spoiled by the final scene.

When Hajime and the main character were walking home from school, the little prat tried to run over the main character. Hajime saved the main character in time, but injured his leg in the process. When asked why, Sakashita said he hated the main character for taking away Hajime from him, for mending Hajime’s relationship with the soccer club boys, etc. Getting possessive, aren’t we? Anyway, this lead to Hajime’s dramatic declaration on how he would never forgive Sakashita if anything had happened to the main character. This probably knocked some sense into his head, because while Hajime was in hospital Sakashita sent a card to say ‘sorry’.

Hajime has one weakness… his brain could retain memory like a brick could water. I laughed when in Chapter 2 (2 months into the story) he still couldn’t remember the main character’s name… or who she was. Tsubasa claimed that Hajime’s memory was the worst among B6, and that sometimes he still called Tsubasa as ‘Tsubame’ or ‘Tsubaki’. Hajime then suggested that the main character should wear a name tag, to which the main character thought “Am I a dog…”. …I laughed a bit more in the next scene, when main character and Hajime argued about what name to call each other. Main character refused to wear name tag, while Hajime refused to be called by his surname.

Most of the time, when correcting the student’s grammar/phrase mistakes, I have no idea how or why they’re wrong; my Japanese isn’t good enough for that (I play this game using a guide). But there was one of Hajime’s mistakes which I could understand, and which made my laugh. When talking to the main character, Hajime claimed that he’s a ‘lone wife’ (ro-n waifu). …main character immediately corrected him, ‘lone wolf’ (ro-n u-fu). …on my part, I LOLed imagining Hajime as a lone wife.

…an image further enhanced by another event. The main character joined B6 for lunch… and during the meal, she noticed how Hajime was pretty much controlling the scene. Telling Tsubasa to eat his broccoli, telling Mizuki to not sleep, translating Kiyoharu’s sentences (which was spoken with a mouth full of food), etc. The main character then said that Hajime was like B6’s mother, and Nagata agreed… even though Hajime complained that he thought of himself more as the ‘cool onii-san’ of B6.

One of the Love Event (or maybe Bonus… can’t remember) has the main character trying out a drastic measure to get Hajime to study. …this included borrowing a device from Tsubasa (called a magic machine or something… that’s attached/strapped onto Hajime, and which the main character activated whenever Hajime failed to answer a quiz question under 5 seconds. The device… would either tickle or jolt Hajime with electricity. Listening to Hajime trying to answer quiz questions/swearing at Tsubasa while laughing uncontrollably got me ROFL. The next event after that had Ootori-sensei talking to Kinugasa-sensei with a hint of malice in both people’s dialogue. …somehow I got the feeling that Ootori-sensei borrowed the device, and had all the intention to use it on Ginji-sensei (you know, that sensei that had his own echo…)…

His Dream Ending had him trying out some sort of test to enter a professional league, with the main character saying that she’d always support him. His Perfect Ending had him entering university, and going on a date to the park with the main character when the sakura flowers were blooming. The main character then said that they should come back another day and have picnic, and that she’d make bento. …I admire Hajime’s resolve to decide that it must be one of love’s trials, and to encourage the main character to make the bento XD

Next target, Fuumonji Goro… because I want to see whether he’d ever wear men’s clothes.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arisa
    Dec 01, 2008 @ 07:52:00

    Hi there! ^^ I found your blog just a while ago. I'm thinking of getting Vitamin X Evolution but I need a guide.. >.< Just wondering, but could you tell me where to find it?


  2. Sharakael
    Dec 01, 2008 @ 10:35:00

    Here are two websites (in Japanese) of guides I used:
    The guides were written for the PS2 version, so it’s missing guides for the T6.


  3. Arisa
    Dec 01, 2008 @ 12:06:00

    Ooh, okay! Thank you so much! ^^


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