Vitamin X Evolution – Makabe Tsubasa

Second playthrough, I decided to go after the rich snobby boy, because nothing cheers me up more than making an arrogant bishounen succumb to my charm (BWAHAHAHAHAHAH).

Anyway. Tsubasa had more of a background story compared to Kiyoharu, which was good… until you realised that his background story only served to explain his personality and didn’t come into play in the game. Meaning any of you looking forward to healing this snob from his mental problems is out of luck.

Our rich snob started the game by offering the main character anything she wanted, throwing around expensive brand names, if she would leave him alone. As if. The main character of course persisted in her original goal of dominating his ass tutoring Tsubasa to help him graduate. Oh, did I mention that Tsubasa has his own butler (Nagata), and has a chef from a renowned hotel to cook his lunch everyday? This came into play when the main character decided that she’d cook lunch for the B6 students. …while it’s edible, apparently it looked horrible that Tsubasa claimed “Can that thing even be eaten?!” …and the other B6 students escaped by claiming they’re not hungry. Tsubasa also worked part-time as a model (despite obviously not needing the money) to “fill my time”.

Apparently, Tsubasa’s mother had been a model in UK when she met his father, fell in love, got married and followed the father back to Japan. Whereupon she was very lonely because the husband always worked, etc. The first time the main character witnessed Tsubasa meeting his dad, the tension was almost hostile. Tsubasa said himself that he’d only seen his father twice in the last 5 years, and that he hated his surname (the reason why he asked you to call him ‘Tsubasa’). While this whole father-son problem stayed unresolved, at the end of the game Tsubasa at least learned that money could not always sway a human’s heart (…really?).

Tsubasa has his own personality quirks… he’s a collector of matroshka dolls, calling them ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’. …it has been noted by the main character that Tsubasa’s sense of taste is a bit off, if not downright weird. Hajime said pretty much the same thing, that he could accept everything that Tsubasa was… except his weird sense of taste.

In this game, when you get a CG Event you can get rid of the dialogue box and poke around on the CG to provoke some dialogue from the guy. It’s worth just randomly poking around, since you can get a funny dialogue, for Tsubasa. During the Christmas CG Event where the main character’s dancing with Tsubasa, poke the main character’s hand with your stylus. The main character had claimed that she did not know how to dance, to which Tsubasa replied that it’s alright, and that he would lead. …I think he regretted his decision afterwards. If you poke the main character’s hand (the one holding onto Tsubasa’s arm), the dialogue was “It’s OK, you can hold on tightly… tight… it hurrrttttsss!!!!!” XD …I LOLed.

His Love Event after the Christmas party was hillarious. Tsubasa had skipped class to buy a (tailor-made?) gown for the main character (for the Christmas party). In the Love Event, after the Christmas party, the main character asked Tsubasa how he knew her size. She said that the dress, while a bit loose in places, was otherwise an exact fit. Nagata the good butler explained that because Tsubasa-sama was a model, he could tell a woman’s three-size just by looking. This lead the main character to think… “isn’t that like being undressed by his eyes?” which then lead her to a few other thinking before coming to the conclusion that Tsubasa was ultimately a PERVERT. This launched Tsubasa into panic trying to explain that she misunderstood. …while in the background, Nagata explained (presumable to the player, us) that he got her size by measuring the suit she wore everyday.

Depending on which Ending, you get 2 different confession scenes. After the graduation party, while main character was wondering in the courtyard why Tsubasa was not around to see her off it being her last day teaching and all… a helicopter flew overhead, and suddenly there was a rain of rose petals (now *that’s* romantic). The helicopter soon landed and out popped Tsubasa who then proceeded to tell you how you taught him a good lesson and then made his confession to you, being watched by all of the students who just had their graduation day. His Perfect Ending confession was hillarious. Tsubasa got on his knees and claimed his love for you, etc, etc, and ended it with “Stay with me. This is an order!” …which got the main character confused, and said that it felt like the mood was ruined. But Tsubasa said that he’s just following one of the lessons she taught him, that was, to be a snob himself.

In his Dream Ending, Tsubasa broke off relations with his dad (I think… because Nagata no longer called him Tsubasa-sama and used ‘-san’ instead), and worked full-time as a model, following his own passion. In the ending his dream was fulfilled as he was just invited to overseas to model on the stage where his mom modelled before. Of course, he asked you to come along saying that you could continue to teach as he had had everything arranged (tsk, this rich snob had everything easy…). In his Perfect Ending, Tsubasa continued to university, and I think he had started running a division of his dad’s company. …in the ending, he bought a jet from his ‘pocket money’ and decided to whisk the main character to Phuket or somewhere else for a holiday, with the main character protesting that she had class to teach tomorrow. …rich snob, of course, didn’t give a damn.

…once a snob, always a snob. But he’s a loaded romantic snob, so he’s forgiveable. Next on the conquest list, Kusanagi Hajime!


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