Vitamin X Evolution – Sendou Kiyoharu

I seem to have bad luck in choosing which 2-D character to drool over. Whatever game I played, the character I picked to be the first character to get always turned out to be psychotic/crazy/unlikeable/tragic. For Vitamin X Evolution, this was what exactly happened. …well, moving on.

For my first playthrough, I decided to get Sendou Kiyoharu… seems like a cheerful, if not a bit mischievious boy, I thought. Scrap that. Replace mischievious with ‘troublemaker’. MAJOR troublemaker. Smoke bombs, splashing you with water to which he had added questionable content, etc, etc, he’s all for it. Can’t say I like the boy…

There was a scene, probably 2/3 into the game, where there were only the two of you in a class room and he admitted that he liked you… and when the main character had a morale debate on whether or not she should admit her feelings too (being teacher-student and all), she noticed something fishy about Kiyoharu’s behaviour… the prankster had been video-taping the whole thing, and wanted to show the video to people. In other words, he set you up. *sigh*

He’s not without his good points, though. He stood up to defend the main character at least once… even though what he said subtracted some points. “I don’t want you touching my toy. This is MY toy.” …followed by the main character’s complaints that she’s not his toy. …yea, found it a bit difficult to like this boy.

Kiyoharu also employed a particular tactic… whenever he escaped from tuition hour and the main character managed to find him, he’d claim that he’s Kiyoaki, Kiyoharu’s younger twin brother. Whereas Kiyoharu talked with an accent and generally sounded like a brat, ‘Kiyoaki’ sounded very calm and polite and collected, and had no accent. …no one in the game ever had the chance to explain the truth to the main character, since Kiyoharu always intercepted them. The scene where he blew his own cover was hillarious though. The main character (just recovering from a fever), tried to find Kiyoharu (who had escaped again) but found ‘Kiyoaki’ instead. She asked ‘Kiyoaki’ to help her find Kiyoharu, but almost fainted and she still walked unsteadily. When ‘Kiyoaki’ touched her and realised that she still had a bit of fever, he slipped, getting angry that she should still be resting at home, etc, etc, with his normal accent. At which point the main character realised it was Kiyoharu all along. Kiyoharu’s words of “Aa. Yabe.” was hillarious.

Throughout the storyline, he showed that he could be gentle too… when the two of you got locked in the school’s gym storage and the main character came down with fever, Kiyoharu banged on the door and yelled out non-stop for anyone to come open the door.

One of his Bonus Events is worth all the trouble trying to get all 10 test questions right. Apparently, Kiyoharu sleepwalked. In one of the Love Event, the main character had the bad luck of experiencing what a sleepwalking Kiyoharu was like… he’s awake, it’s just that his personality was turned around 180 degrees. This meant that the bad boy with a dirty mouth had suddenly become a poet who’s a follower of beauty… enough to creep out anyone. The Bonus Event in one of the subsequent chapters played on this a bit more, except that this time the victim to Kiyoharu’s sleepwalking antiques was Shun. Given that the two had always been at odds, when Shun suddenly found Kiyoharu to be very friendly and very welcoming, well… he started out by telling “Save me!!!” to anyone who might be around. …main character and Tsubasa, who happened to be around… chose to turn a blind eye XD

Storyline-wise… well, that’s all there is to it. Just Kiyoharu pulling pranks on the main character or surprising the main character by complying with her requests when she least expected it (like being a waiter for the school’s cultural festival). There’s no personal melodrama to fix, unsolved mental issue etc. …maybe that’s why his storyline was not very memorable?

There are 2 different confession events, but I can only remember one of them… because in it he admitted that he bullied the main character because she’s too cute (…). “My heart always beat very fast everytime I think about what prank I will do to you next. I always get excited thinking about what sort of face you’ll make.” …yea, no thanks Mr. Bully.

His Dream Ending has him going to US to follow his basketball dream or something, while his Perfect Ending has him going to uni while the main character continued to work as a teacher. …and Kiyoharu would come in and bully her students, proclaiming to all of the students in the class that no one’s to touch what’s his, and kissed the heroine in front of everyone. Good way to maintain your image as the ideal role model in front of easily influenced teenagers, right?

…uh-huh. Once a bully always a bully, eh?


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